2-Minute Drill: Jets Report For 2021 Training Camp | The New York Jets | NFL

Senior reporter Eric Allen and team reporter Ethan Greenberg discuss the team heading into training camp, the passing of Coach Knapp, and more in this 2-minute drill.

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  1. As wealthy as the Jets organization has been, even in years of below mediocrity, because of their loyal fans, this "petty" contract squabbling should have been avoided by management.

    Why draft the kid if you're not going to "show him the money" his draft selection guarantees to pay?

    I think players should also have a contract against organizations who have had a losing season. This would make the draft signing negotiating "stupidity" more competitive or nonexistent.

    Is this how a strong loyal business relationship suppose to be built with your #1 draft pick and then you expect him to be loyal?

  2. People calm down it’s just the fine print he’ll be in camp I guarantee you by the end of the week his salary is slotted they’re not holding back money it’s probably Something to do with the fifth year option I think that’s negotiable …Calm down guys everything’s gonna be OK

  3. 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠: Absolutely nothing happened at practice today. It was underwhelming and pedestrian. Because Zach wasn't there!… Because the brothers Johnson insist on pinching their pennies. How long will the standoff last, as all good feelings and positives vibes begin to dissipate? Stay tuned…

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