14 students killed, 1 teacher dead in elementary school shooting, Texas governor says

At least 14 students were killed and one teacher is dead after an “active shooter” incident at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Abbott also identified the shooter as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a student at Uvalde High School. Multiple sources told ABC News the suspect is dead.
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  1. LOL hey everyone my ex is paying people to be at our property at night pretending they doing something else but they stuck watching pointless bs so they can feel important in the world. LOL!! Good job heros. 🤣🤣🤣🤣💖

  2. we also need psychologist in the community and the FBI vetting every cadet and officer in the country to reform and weed out racist and power abusers Becouse right now cops are vetting cops and all it takes is for one to see another and give him a pass it happens every day that's a way to eliminate it completely in a matter of months gun control to stop people like me with mental issues due to being shot with a 357 Magnum saving a lil girl from a guy with a lot of money that thought hey im white i can buy my way out he offered me 200k i sed put him in jail on a note pad i couldn't speak at the time there needs to age limits like 21 and up mandatory checks not just on criminal record but on mental health as far as has this person been to or forced to be in a mental institution is this person have a permit do they have training to use a firearm properly it won't stop everyone but it will cut the problem in half there is far more you can do but as far as a start goes this is the best course of action

  3. August 30, 2010- A school shooting occurred at the high school I attended. Except this shooting was done by the school resource officer (also a local police officer) who shot and killed a deranged man who entered the school, following a student who was late getting there. The gunman immediately put a gun to the Principal's head. The School Resource Officer put her body between the gunman & Principle Melanie Riden and told her to run, saving her life. The school immediately went into lock down and the resource officer confronted the man who was armed with guns and intent on using them, in the hallway. She tried at first to diffuse the situation but when she was unable to do so she shot & killed him before he could endanger anyone else. The school was Sullivan Central High School in Blountville, TN. The officers name is Carolyn Gudger, and in my hometown she is a hero. She is the perfect example of what a school resource officer should be. A courageous woman who did her job, putting her life on the line for the students/faculty she was hired to protect. I was very disappointed that there was not a lot of media attention surrounding this incident, except for locally of course. I just really wanted people to see what a difference having a well trained, courageous police officer who takes their promise to protect and serve seriously on campus can make in these situations. I share this story so that the world will learn about this hero that is among us by the name of Carolyn Gudger

  4. We have hundreds of police officers on the side of highways to catch people from speeding but we cannot put an officer in every school ? We send billions of dollars to Ukraine But we cannot use metal detectors in our schools?
    So where exactly is our tax money going.. we as Americans need to start sticking together and standing up as one. Religion skin color none of that matters, our children are being shot in school.. this is not the America I know.. we need to all stop this because obviously Noone else is.

  5. Most criminal mind issues start from the beginning. That's why:
    Schools should offer free behavioral therapy and psychological monitoring to all children aged 5-18 as a routine task, nevertheless how healthy children are.
    It may help to find out which child needs help and therapy. So it can highlight and find out who is suffering from a psychological problem. We think this attention can help to treat mental problems in children and, somehow stop any criminal actions in the future.

  6. Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ted Cruz & all republicans who have been propagating gun & assault weapons in Texas are responsible for deaths of the innocent children on Uvalde

  7. by now people all over the world should realize that terrorists don't have to be solely associated with Muslims. In fact, based on the news in America that terrorism is mostly carried out by non-Muslims, and most of the perpetrators are christian. But people are instead Islamophobic to Muslims and think Muslims are terrorists and Islam is a terrorist religion. Its very ironic that people accuse Islam of being terrorist religion and that Muslims are terrorist, even thought the fact is that most terrorism is carried out by non muslims. And america is the country that has the most coverage of terrorism cases. But people still close eyes and remain islamophobic and accuse islam of being a terrorist religion. Why america has the most cases of terrorism? Its because so many racist people there. People in the world know that

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