10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move to San Francisco

San Francisco is a terrible place. If you live there, this is no surprise. Here are ONLY 10 of the reasons why you should never move to San Francisco.

There’s a new man in the neighborhood.
Lives downstairs and he underfoot
Here’s there just to ask me for money
Like he’s one of the family.

San Francisco Oh we’re so over it
San Francisco Oh you used to be lit

Cause you see – now you’re not a place for me.

San Francisco Oh we’re so over you
San Francisco Oh you are now all bad

Cause you see – I don’t want no more bad on me.


Joe Loong

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  1. looks like the perfect place to live if your homeless….10 reasons: Sanctuary City, Great Food, Sunshine, Democratic City, Pelosi hometown, Rich People, Free Campsite, Free Water, Free Toilet, Free Money, and for extra plenty of friends to hang with.

  2. I was born in that City it was a beautiful place with a lot of nice people not perfect but understanding now thanks to Pelosi it's a s***** hole we'll never be able to go back and see my city again

  3. I hate what this place has become. But the weather has changed and is way not foggy enough. Hardly really rains. I moved here for cold, rain and fog. Which is hardly exists any more. Which I hate!

  4. Interesting how the article that was chosen for this video says the incompetence party and has a picture of Bernie Sanders instead of some corporate Democrat. And the claim that the homelessness is bad because it's a sanctuary city. Typical Republican bullshit.

  5. I spent 29 years in SF and left this past August. The place is getting crazier every year that passes. The video was pretty much on point. FYI, Jean Frye Sidwell (IMHO) did a better version of "I Left Heart In San Francisco" than Tony Benedetto.

  6. Hmmm. No mention of the CIA and military (not left wing) that bring in the drugs. This isn't news, folks.

    Both parties (actually 1 big corporate front-man) are to blame. This also isn't news to the objectively minded, only those with an axe to grind.

    At what point are you going to figure out that this is intended? ANd the next step, well underway, is to export this to other states like Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Texas… This is all planned.

  7. I was born in the city. At that time in the 1950s as a child lived at Fishermans' Wharf road the cable car to the baby setter everyday. It was a working commercial sea port, the streets facing the water were lined with family owned businesses, cafes, groceries with fruits and vegetables out in boxes on the sidewalks, fresh bread bakeries, fish mongers. As for memories, you think you've lost something special? We who really knew the "City By The Bay" read about ourselves in Herb Caens' column in the Chronicle, were put to song by Tony Bennett, Enrico Caruso was on the jukebox at Tosca over an Irish coffee down on Columbus off Broadway, across from City Of Lights Bookstore. Nothing was more adventurous than fishing off the wharves as a boy, climbing the hill to Coit Tower to look out over one of the greatest inland bays in the world, walking the Golden Gate Bridge or just sitting and watch the world go by down on Market. A city is only what you make of it, not what it was, only what is and will be. As Rosanna Rosanna Dana used to say " Never mind."

  8. Your first picture in the Parking # 2 begs the question, why does the automobiles have southern European plates? And why is there a building half way down the street on the left older than the city it's self.

  9. It is obviously you are a Republican (and probably a Trumper).
    Internal politics really doesn't play into the quality of life unless the city government is Republican when the poor and middle class are ignored and only the wealthy have importance.

    You don't really think the Republicans would solve the problem of homelessness in San Francisco.
    They would merely ship them out when some of the homeless merely need a "leg-up."

    Meanwhile the Republicans continue to do what they do well: do nothing!
    Look at our Congress and tell me the Republicans are doing anything other than paralyzing the Congress and getting in the way of legislation.

    No, your simplification of San Francisco's problem is merely the typical Republican dream where only the rich and the conservatives are important.
    Young people and old people don't count, but the Republican Party is soon going to discover the power of these people and watch as their party blows up!

  10. It started with Gavin Newsom, the same corrupt governor who recently survived his recall. All the mayors are Democrats and they are all corrupt as hell. These politicians spent millions on the homeless and instead of drug treatments they pandered to their drug addiction and the non-profits serving these homeless gave these politicians a kickback and that's why this problem never gets solved.

  11. I am from Russia and the USA have always been an example for me of an ideal life, an ideal country. But looking at these videos, I understand that we all have the same problems.

  12. My sister moved away two weeks ago. She can confirm that this is 100% true. I live in a 3rd world country but our life isn’t that bad! You won’t see Poo and needles on the street. Even the slums here are cleaner.

  13. Typical right winger tactics crying about democrats while not looking at the real reason why homeless people exist in the first place but sure keep blaming pelosi for the drug epidemic our pharmaceutical companies are pushing out like candy and I never seem to get a answer why every homeless person tends to be from out of state mostly red states.

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