10 MUST KNOW TIPS Before Visiting San Francisco

San Francisco Travel: Traveling to San Francisco is an endless adventure into the hottest destination eateries, numerous outdoor parks, tons of neighborhoods with different vibes, and all things weird and freaky. It’s a city full of dichotomies it’s beautiful and dirty, it’s culturally diverse, and homogeneous, it’s SO expensive, but has an ever-increasing visible homeless population throughout the city. Whether you are are first-timer to the San Francisco Bay Area, or making your way into the city for a weekend getaway, here are the top 10 local things you must know before traveling to San Francisco.

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  1. For you tourists looking into renting a car, NEVER EVER leave anything in the car. Take all valuables with you, backpacks, purses, laptops, etc. Your car will get broken into.

  2. I don’t think y’all understand how serious we are about not leaving ANYTHING in the car and to give an example…. A pencil could cost you a window lol home sweet home

  3. "We say more power to you if you want to wear a unicorn costume or show up to dinner in a flannel and leggings" ma'am public nudity is both rampant and accepted in SF – a unicorn suit is mild 😂😂

  4. I've got a question from Brazil: If is not safe to leave something inside the car cuz you can have a broken window, why don't people just leave their cars with the windows and doors opened? I believe the thieves don't steal the vehicle, only stuffs your leave in there. Couldn't them avoid a broken window in this case? Ps: I really loved your video!

  5. To me San Fran is a California version of New York because mostly everything in SF is walking distance just like New York but the only difference between SF and NYC is that NY is five times more crowded and expensive and far more filthy and disgusting than San Fran is and that's a Fact !!!

  6. Watch for needles, watch out for muggers, watch where you walk(feces everywhere), watch out for addicts, watch out for crazies, watch out for the homeless, watch out for crazy drivers and sideshows and lastly watch out for rabid liberal progressive leftist socialist Demoncraps.

  7. You immediately think of dyed hair white girls in the Mission? No Latinos? Get fucked. And yes, we DO call it Frisco. Look up every San Francisco rapper since the 80s and see how they refer to the City. But you obviously didn't make this vid for the Black and Brown folks of SF.

  8. Gosh, this is sooo informative and fun! Thanks, Haley for your hard work and efforts! You should have a million subscribers! I am already a senior and only been to the Mainland a few times cuz I stay in Hawaii. I really want to go SF to check it out and other places. Thanks!

  9. My favorite part of the city is the Inner Sunset. There are lots of great restaurants around 9th and Irving, and the Botanical Garden is a pleasant place to spend the day. Other beautiful places in Golden Gate Park are the Conservatory of Flowers and the Dahlia garden next to it. The best Chinese restaurants are in the Sunset and Richmond districts, not in Chinatown.

  10. When my boss first moved into town, her car got broken into. Nothing was stolen but the person slept in her car overnight and urinated on the seats. Homeless people defecating on the streets and sidewalks during the day is pretty normal too

  11. Great video! I’ve been living there for a few years and couldn’t agree more with you, everything you said sounds really accurate in my short experience there. 😊👍

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