10 BEST Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts is a city brimming with charm, character, and a true sense of community. With it’s quintessential blend of colonial history and cutting-edge academics, this town is a must-see for all students of American history! From legendary landmarks to chic boutiques, here’s our pick of the 10 best things to do in Boston!
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🔹 #10 The Emerald Necklace

🔹 #9 Harvard Art Museums

🔹 #8 Boston Skywalk Observatory

🔹 #7 John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

🔹 #6 The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

🔹 #5 Franklin Park Zoo

🔹 #4 Boston Tea Part Museum

🔹 #3 Paul Revere’s House

🔹 #2 Museum of Science

🔹 #1 Fenway Park

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  1. This is a nice list that covers many tourist attractions. Other things I would add include walking down Comm Ave mall with your loved ones (evening times during holiday season are amazingly romantic), walking along Memorial Drive and looking back at Boston skyline (that's technically Cambridge but close enough), visiting Acorn St (one of the oldest streets with original pebble road paving), and spending some time appreciating St. Leonard Church in North End (my favorite church in Boston) and then getting some food in that area.

  2. Boston is wack. The food is horrible ND it taste nothing like Ameircanize crap. Everything is super expensive and you can't enjoy life bc the wether sucks. People really work hard and suffer paying high rent in a place that is super small that looks like the 80's. The people are racist. Believe me it may look nice but it's never worth it.

  3. Real Bostonian here, this is my list.
    10. The Museum of Fine Arts, or the MFA
    9. Fenway Park
    8. Old Ironsides / The U.S.S. Constitution
    7. The State House
    6. The Boston Aquarium
    5. Top of the Hub restaurant
    4. The Children's Museum (great for people with kids)
    3. The Charles river
    2. Copley Place (Great shopping destination)
    1. Boston Common (specifically the swan boats, a really memorable expierience)

  4. I grew up in Boston, and attended Boston University. This video is terrible. First off, don't waste your time and money at the Franklin Zoo, you will be disappointed. If you're interested in going to the Museum of Science, I highly recommend you go on their website and purchase passes in advance. They didn't mention the New England Aquarium, which I prefer over the Museum of Science any day. They also breezed past Faneuil Marketplace. This is an area of great boutiques, restaurants and bars. Inside the marketplace you'll find a food orgy – small independently owned restaurants, bakeries and kiosks. Near the marketplace is the oldest restaurant in America – The Union Oyster House. While the food may not be the best in town, the history of this establishment is amazing.

    But you MUST walk over to the North End of Boston. It's a short walk from Faneuil Market. If you like Italian food, this is a must see. And if you like freshly made pastries, then seek out Mike's Pastry, but expect a line of people waiting to be served. It's world renown!

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